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What is your skin type?

The world of skincare can be very confusing… you will probably read very often the words oily and dry referred to the skin, but what these words really mean? And maybe you don’t know the answer when someone will ask you : “What is your skin type?”

First of all, knowing what type of skin do you have is very important to help you solve all the problems related to that. Finding out your skin type can help you to learn how to save your skin. It makes a huge difference, because if you are using the wrong products you won’t probably see the results that you are looking for.

First of all, the skin type refers to the hydration level of your skin. To learn which type do you have start with using a gentle cleanser to wash your face, then wait before moisturizing your skin for about an hour. After one hour is passed, go to the mirror and closely examine your skin, if you notice a shininess, almost like you sweat, this means you have oily skin. If you notice that your skin feels very tight, almost like if there is no hydration, or tiny little lines, that means you have dry skin. If you notice that certain spots are really shiny, while other spots feel tight, this means you have combination skin. If you don’t notice any tightness, nor greasiness, you have normal skin.

Now that you have found out what is you skin type, choosing the products that will meet your needs will be much easier for you, and with the right allies, you will solve or improve in no time everything that you don’t like when you look in the mirror. Take care of your skin, start now!

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