Oct 24 2016
Runways of sculpted bodies, clothes from the hottest designers of postmodern fashion, sensual atmospheres, creativity, elegant steps, ethereal faces of who, for job and in life, every day is beauty. International top models, who Adam Revolution and Eve Rebirth have the pleasure to caress with their luxury cosmetic elixirs, in the magic scenario of the Metrapolitan of Catania.
Oct 19 2016
Men sustain that for a man to find himself at 50 years old without hair is inevitable. In reality, the hair loss is a process that could occur in young age and it is very important to promptly intervene. Too many men, in fact, lose their hair and suffer of baldness, when they could maintain a healthy and strong hair simply acting in time.
Oct 17 2016

Face: the fight against the signs of aging

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Often, however, men do not have the time to go to beauty salons, so Skincare Industries has found an effective and revolutionary solution to these problems with the design of the Bio-Intellient line: Bio-Intelligent Anti-Aging Moisturiser (essential for the face) e Bio-Intelligent Eye Contour Cream (crucial for the eye contour).
Oct 10 2016

Four beauty tips men need to know to look good

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Most of the time men are a little shy about asking for any beauty tips. This fear is understandable because it will make them feel less mainly to have a bathroom full of beauty products, but who doesn’t want to look their best?
Oct 05 2016
Despite it stays young longer than the female skin, men are expose to crucial factors that progress the skin aging: one of them is dehydration