Few Tips to get a Perfect Skin

Few Tips to get a Perfect Skin

It is not just a female issue, it is fundamental for men to have and maintain a bright, tonic and good looking skin too. To obtain great results, however, it is not enough to copy the techniques that wives or girlfriends do to preserve their beauty or even steal their skincare products: how many dermatologists and experts explain, men's skin is different from that of the woman and therefore it needs more care and different treatments to have a heathy and youthful skin.

Man’s skin is more tick and less soft than that of the woman, so this means that it is more toned and resistant to the appearance of wrinkles. However, many dermatologists explain that this is not an excuse to not have a special care and attention for it. Even though the skin is greasier than female’s due to a high production of sebum, dehydration is one of the main factors that determine the appearance of the sign of aging on men. This, in fact, is caused by the wrong male habit to wash their face with a normal soap that reduces the protective hydrolipidic layer of the skin, favoring the evaporation of water. Shaving is, also, another aggression that men's skin daily suffers and it weakens and destroys the protective layer of it, causing often redness and irritation. To solve these problems, many dermatologists and experts recommend to follow few simple rules to have a healthy and good looking skin.

It is essential to include in your beauty routine a daily facial cleansing. The common soaps are too aggressive because of their chemicals and formulations, so it is crucial to understand that the skin needs emollients, soothing, and toning to combat the phenomenon of dehydration.
In addition, dermatologists suggest to massage the skin once or twice a week with a good scrub to maintain the skin in good shape. This action will remove all the dead cells, will prevent clogging of the pores of the skin, caused by excessive production of sebum, and will stop the growth of unwanted hairs under the skin. The granules of the scrub, in fact, smoothen and clean the surface layer of the skin, freeing the pores.
To moisturize facial skin and to prevent the formation of wrinkles, it is very important to apply a moisturizer after shaving. Fundamental is the use of a cream that does not grease the skin and do not make the face sweat even more.

Skincare Industries has specifically studied these special needs of men's skin, and for this reason this company created and designed a line exclusively for man: Adam Revolution. Perfect Skin Total Cleanser and Bio-Intelligent Anti-aging Moisturiserare two of the products of this skincare line that allow you to have a healthy and youthful skin. The first product is a facial and body cleanser formulated with innovative and natural solutions created for the wellness of the skin thanks to its silky active principles. Perfect Skin Total Cleanserremove any environmental contaminants, impurities, and skin's surface oils that irritate and inflame a man's skin. Bio-Intelligent Anti-aging Moisturiser, instead, is a precious treatment formulated with Bio-Intelligent micro-ingredients and dehydrated and cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid microspheres that effectively fights the signs of aging in a localized way.


Skincare is becoming a men’s issue, and it is not just for women.