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Perfect Skin Total Cleanser & Eye Rejuveation Luxury Kit



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Perfect Skin Total Cleanser & Bio-Intelligent Eye Contour Cream Luxury Kit for men

The Face and Body cleanser, formulated with natural organic extracts of Echinacea, Yarrow and Calendula cleanses, leaves the skin silky and ready for moisturizing or antiwrinkle treatments. The Biointelligent Eye Contour Cream acts to fight dark circles, bags and signs of expression.

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Bio-Intelligent Eye Contour Cream specifically formulated for men

Antiaging Bio-Intelligent micro ingredients: behave togheter like a GPS Unit which transports anti-aging agents to the target areas

Dehydrated and cross-linke Hyaluronic acid microspheres: act for a unique filler effect

AlgaeMarinaecomingfrom the Gulf ofMaine: helps to reduce the appareance of puffy eyes and dark circles

Hesperidinmethylchalcone, dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl, Tetrapeptide-7: help to prevent and to fight the bags under the eyes and to smooth fine lines, firming and toning the skin

Liposomes ofhyaluronic acid: help to decrease the look of wrinkles, giving a volume effect, moisturizing, smoothing and restructuring the skin

Combinationoffatty acids: improves the skin barrier function. Act with a powerful and protective action helping to combat the irritations

Adaptive emulsifiers : stabilizing elements which work and adjust the texture according to the outside temperature

Our eye cream can help you ward off numerous complexion concerns: puffiness, dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines.


Perfect Skin Total Clenaser Specifically formulated for men

Finally a very good value to deep clean pores any time you need to cleanse your skin. The successful man needs an anytime cleanser, that gifts to his skin a velvety touch while respecting its natural pH.

The gel aims to cleanse, hydrate and give to your skin an exceptional silky touch, protecting it it from external agents with the help of extracts of Echinacea, Yarrow and Calendula

Thanks to the active ingredients contained in Echinacea it is very effective against irritation and dermatitis, stimulating the skin renewal. It also prevents aging and repairs the collagen from oxidative stress attacks.

Yarrow has a healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-reddening power


The calendula has soothing, softening and refreshing properties, that gives you every day a feeling of softness and freshness on the skin

The product is enriched of the active Oxygen Complex, which it allows cells to recapture their energy, purity and vitality

Ultra-mild surfactants: Dermatologically compatible and clinically tested, they gently cleanse the skin and give an exceptional velvety touch

Organic extracts of Echinacea, yarrow, calendula: firming, toning, moisturizing, soothing and protecting action

Oxygena Complex formulated with Sea and Biotechnological ingredients and Vitamin C: its highly purifying properties decongest and brighten skin. The exclusive, oxygen-rich formula brightens skin, keeping it perfectly hydrated and revitalized while restoring luminosity

Enjoy the revitalizing scent and admire your clean, vibrant, and healthy skin.

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