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Face & Hair Rejuvenation Luxury Kit



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Luxury Kit Bio-Intelligent Anti-Aging Moisturiser + Tricho Cell Stronger Hair Treatment

The Bio-Intelligent Anti-Aging Moisturiser with Biointelligent Microingredients acts to fight the signs of aging. Tricho Cell Stronger Hair Treatment acts to fight the symptoms often linked to hair loss, such as dandruff, excessive sebum, hair brittle and weak.

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Biointelligent Anti-Aging Moisturiser - 50 ml

Our Bio-Intellgent Anti-Aging Moisturiser is formulated with biointelligents microingredients (peptides 14 and 15) wich act via a bilayer capsule to arrive to the target areas. To be used as a moisturizer in the morning and as a treatment in the evening.

Antiaging Bio-Intelligent micro ingredients: behave togheter like a GPS Unit which transports anti-aging agents to the target areas

Dehydrated and cross-linke Hyaluronic acid microspheres: act for a unique filler effect

Vitamin C: prevents collagen from becoming weak and susceptible to damage. Vitamin C is phenomenal way to brighten your look, reduce age spots, and still maintain health skin biology. Vitamin C is a well known anti-oxidant and has been shown in numerous studies to effectively brighten the tone of skin

Vitamin E: easily penetrates into the vital membranes of the skin cells and accumulates there to protect against the damaging effects of lipid peroxidation. Antioxidant activity and photoprotection are not the only benefits that vitamin E offers. Scientists have found that delta tocotrienols are quite effective at slowing the production of melanin, the skin pigment responsible for unsightly age spots

Organic extracts of Echinacea, yarrow, calendula: play action firming, toning, moisturizing, soothing, and protect the skin from external aggression

Emollient derived from coconut: light texture, leaving the skin soft and silky

Adaptive emulsifiers: tabilizing elements which work and adjust the texture according to the outside temperature

The skin looks rejuvenated, radiant, supple and plumped.


Tricho Cell Stronger Hair Treatment - 50 ml

We do not want to make promises, we just briefly describe the features of our Tricho-Cell Stronger Hair Treatment.

A product that revolutionizes the way of understanding an hair treatment. A practical and elegant glass bottle with a spray to take with you.

Very useful to those who have hair loss due to stress, poor diet or heredity.

Our product contains a mix of functional substance based on regenerative medicine studies.

Excellent results have already been highlighted in 84 days, according to tests carried out on the raw material.

We look forward to read your opinions after the first weeks of use.

Mix of functional ingredients: activates the division of Ors stem cells and increases the metabolism of fibroblasts. Through a derivative biotechnology green tea also reduces inflammation of the scalp

Plant stem cells: slow down the aging of the hair follicles, stimulate stem cells already present in the scalp and protect against UV rays

Overall trichological functional: helps to reduce hair loss, improves the aesthetic quality of the scalp reducing dandruff and sebum, gives oxygenation and stimulates microcirculation

Extract of red grapes: active ingredient that is inside the skins of red grapes that exploits a new extraction method that derives important active and stimulates micro-circulation.

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