Recognising the need for flexible ingredients that meet the expectations of worldwide consumers, was developed an innovative sensorial emulsifier: EMULIUM® MELLIFERA, based on functionalised natural waxes.


From light milky lotions to rich butters, our preferences for textures vary considerably and are strongly influenced by skin type, climate and cultural differences. Across the world, environmental conditions play a significant role on perception of sensory properties. Cold winters, or hot and humid summers, the needs of the skin vary and require a large choice of cosmetic textures.


EMULIUM® MELLIFERA  brings a sensory solution to global consumer expectations, bringing delight upon application and visible efficacy. Draped in a soft and barely perceptible protective veil, the skin, protected from seasonal extremes, is visibly more radiant and beautiful.


Highly moisturising, the beautiful white emulsions, obtained using this emulsifier, bring immediate pleasure on application and visibly improve the quality of the skin (based on clinical evaluations).

Biointelligent Microingredients

The revolutionary aspect of our technology states in our dual-layer capsule which can penetrate and transport our anti-aging agent to the deep layers of the skin. A sophisticated technology designed to enhance the beauty of the face is the basis of the formula. Our bio-intelligent micro ingredients act in an autonomous way by locating imperfections and working on them through a deep anti-wrinkle effect. Thanks to bio-intelligent micro ingredients, our line is capable of performing a precise, targeted, specific and above all personalised action on the face.

The release of the biointelligent peptides occurs gradually throughout the entire day, providing the problem area with day long restoration of wrinkles and protection against the formation of new ones.

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Deydrated Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres

Penetrate into the upper levels of the epidermis, capture the water that normally evaporates from the skin and exploiting the capacity of hyaluronic acid to act as a sort of "molecular sponge", swell and increase in volume. In this way they exert a pressure which pushes up the epidermis, reducing the visibility of deepest wrinkles with an authentic filler effect.

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